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In Search of the Trojan War , Wood, Michael
1 In Search of the Trojan War  Wood, Michael
0816013551 / 9780816013555 Very Good.  
Hardcover. 3rd printing hardcover w/ dustjacket Facts On File 1985. Very clean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight. Only light wear. 272pp, Index, Bibliography, B/W and color photos, endpaper maps. 'In this liberally illustrated volume written to accompany [the] PBS series, BBC producer and series narrator Wood, author of In Search of the Dark Ages, etc., explores the origins of Homer's epics and efforts of archeologists to document the historic truth of the Bronze Age Trojan War as celebrated in the Iliad. Oral tradition and accounts by poets, he notes, have yet to be disproved by archeology. He cites the fascination which the Trojan story has exercised throughout history and on travelers of all periodsByron among them. Despite archeologist Heinrich Schliemann's exaggerations, the author credits him with the development of modern archeology into a science. Schliemann's finds and those of other archeologists of Mycenaean, Minoan and Hittite civilizations are discussed in some detail. Troy, Wood speculates, may have been one of many cties sacked by the Greeks for economic reasons, and Helen one of the many women captured.'--Publishers Weekly, 1986.  
Price: 15.00 USD
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Maya (Monuments of Civilization series), Ivanoff, Pierre
2 Maya (Monuments of Civilization series) Ivanoff, Pierre
0448020203 / 9780448020204 Good. 
Hardcover. 1st U.S. edition large 'coffee-table' hardcover with dustjacket published 1973 by Madison Square Press / Grosset and Dunlap. Moderate edge-crumpling to jacket; small archivally-repaired rip to back. Very clean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight. 191 pages; Index; Recommended Reading; Glossary; Chronology; many color photos; black-and-white diagrams and plans. Foreword by Miguel Angel Asturias. Language: English. NOTE: Large format-- cannot ship outside U.S. via Flat-Rate envelope; will require additional international postage. 'This history of the Mayan people and the civilization they built is presented here in the most vivid and exciting form.... In simple narrative and stunning photographs the complete survey of the Mayan world unfolds: its religious and ceremonial beliefs, agriculture and commerce, social, political and everyday life, its scientific achievements in astronomy and the development of the calendar, the language, literature, art and architecture.'--from jacket flap. Keywords: archaeology, art history. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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Mystery on the Desert / Geheimnis der Wuste / Secreto de la Pampa: Preliminaries for a Scientific Interpretation of the Pre-Historic Ground-Drawings of Nazca, Peru and Introduction to Their Study, Reiche, Maria
3 Mystery on the Desert / Geheimnis der Wuste / Secreto de la Pampa: Preliminaries for a Scientific Interpretation of the Pre-Historic Ground-Drawings of Nazca, Peru and Introduction to Their Study Reiche, Maria
Hardcover. Small, slim hardcover revised 2nd edition published 1976 by Heinrich Fink, Stuttgart. SIGNED BY AUTHOR with 1980 date. Glossy picture cover-- NO DUSTJACKET. Noticeable wear: corners bumped; edges rubbed and worn. Very clean; no marks; pages bright. 92 pages; Bibliography; black-and-white and a few color photos; map; 2 fold-outs (plan and overlay). Foreword by Professor Dr. Hermann Trimborn. Languages: German, English, Spanish. Keywords: archaeology, Peruvian, astronomy, geoglyphs, Nazca lines. No ISBN. 
Price: 65.00 USD
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Prehistoric Men, 5th edition , Braidwood, Robert J.; Richert, Susan T. (illustrator)
4 Prehistoric Men, 5th edition  Braidwood, Robert J.; Richert, Susan T. (illustrator)
Very Good.  
Paperback. 5th edition softcover 1961 Chicago Natural History Museum. Popular Series, Anthropology, Number 37. Label from American Museum of Natural History NY gift shop on last blank page. Very clean; no marks or creases; pages bright; binding tight. Only light wear. 189 pages; Index; Bibliography; elegant black-red-gray illustrations, figures, and maps. Language: English. NOTE: This is NOT the most recent edition. A basic introduction to the study of prehistoric man. Keywords: science, scientist, archaeology, archaeologist, anthropology, anthropologist, human, prehistory, civilization, culture, tool, fossil, cave, 1960s, Sixties, '60s, vintage, retro. No ISBN.  
Price: 9.00 USD
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Roman Cities , Grimal, Pierre; Woloch, G. Michael (translator/editor)
5 Roman Cities  Grimal, Pierre; Woloch, G. Michael (translator/editor)
0299089347 / 9780299089344 Very Good.  
Paperback. Softcover 1st printing 1983 University of Wisconsin. Superclean; no marks or creases; pages bright; binding tight. Only light wear: Faint sun-fading to spine and far left side of front cover. 355pp, maps, plans, Glossary, Bibliography. Language: English (translated from the French). Combines 'Les Villes Romaines' with Woloch's Descriptive Catalogue of Roman Cities. Brief history and description of more than 100 cities. Noted work on city planning, archaeology, and urban planning.  
Price: 18.00 USD
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The Iroquoian Tribes: Part II of the Indian History of New York State (Educational Leaflet No. 7) , Ritchie, William A.
6 The Iroquoian Tribes: Part II of the Indian History of New York State (Educational Leaflet No. 7)  Ritchie, William A.
Paperback. Softcover booklet with stapled binding, published 1963 by The University of the State of New York / The State Education Dept. / State Museum and Science Service, Albany. Average wear: light soiling to covers; tiny creases to corners. Text clean and unmarked; pages bright; binding tight. Great reading / research copy. 20 pages; Suggested References; black-and-white illustrations; map. Size: 8.5 x 11 inches. Written for teachers. Describes the original Five Nations of New York: Mohawk, Oneida, Seneca, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca. Topics: Extent of Iroquois Culture; Theories of Origin; Physical Appearance; Villages; Longhouses; Food; Tools, Utensils and Ornaments; Clothing; Social and Political Organization; Warfare; Ceremonialism; Reservation Period. Artifacts illustrated are from the NY State Museum collections. Keywords: archaeology, anthropology, Native American, history, Ogwanonhsioni, upstate, northern, tribe, vintage, retro, Sixties, 1960s. No ISBN.  
Price: 30.00 USD
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The Mummies of Urumchi , Barber, Elizabeth Wayland
7 The Mummies of Urumchi  Barber, Elizabeth Wayland
0393045218 / 9780393045215 New.  
Hardcover. Brand-new, 1st edition hardcover with dustjacket 1999 W. W. Norton. Superclean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight; never read. Only light store shelfwear. Gift-giving condition. 240 pages; Index; Notes; Bibliography; black-and-white photos and illustrations; 16 pages of color photos; maps. Language: English. 'A fascinating exploration of the mysterious, perfectly preserved Caucasian mummies of western China. In the museums of Urumchi, the windswept regional capital of the Uyghur Autonomous Region in Western China-- what we know as Chinese Turkestan-- a collection of ancient mummies lay at the center of an enormous mystery. Some of Urumchi's mummies date back as far as 4,000 years--contemporary to the famous Egyptian mummies, but even more beautifully preserved, especially their clothing. Surprisingly, these prehistoric people are not Oriental but Caucasian-- tall and large-nosed and blond with round eyes (probably blue). Where did they come from? What were these blonds doing in the foothills of the Himalayas? Elizabeth Wayland Barber describes these remarkable mummies, their clothing, and the world to which they so mysteriously belonged, piecing together their history and peculiar Western connections both from what she saw in Urumchi and from the testimony of those who explored along the Silk Road centuries earlier. The result is an entertaining and informative unveiling of an ancient and exotic world.'--from the publisher. Keywords: archeology, archaeology, archaeologist, textile, wool.  
Price: 35.00 USD
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The Sea of Galilee Boat: An Extraordinary 2000 Year Old Discovery , Wachsmann, Shelley
8 The Sea of Galilee Boat: An Extraordinary 2000 Year Old Discovery  Wachsmann, Shelley
0306449501 / 9780306449505 Like New.  
Hardcover. 1st edition hardcover w/ jacket 1995 Plenum. Superclean; no marks; appears unread. Review copy w/ press material laid in. 420pp, Index, Notes, Bibliog., Glossary, B/W photos, maps, diagrams. NOTE: Cannot ship outside U.S. via Global Priority--Surface or Airmail only. 'Nautical archeologist Wachsmann in 1986 led the Israeli team that excavated a fishing boat that may have plied the Sea of Galilee in the time of Jesus. Discovered by kibbutz members on the sea's muddy floor, the 26-foot-long vessel, built mainly of Lebanese cedar and oak, has been radiocarbon-dated to roughly 15 B.C. (give or take 85 years). An arrowhead like those used by Roman archers in the First Jewish Revolt was found on the boat, leading to speculation that the vessel was used by Jewish rebels in the naval battle of Migdal (birthplace of Mary Magdalene), when Roman soldiers slaughtered some 6700 Jews in 67 A.D. Although this generic fishing boat cannot be definitively linked to either the Gospel stories or the Jewish rebellion in Galilee, Wachsmann's engrossing account of its excavation and restoration, enlivened by photographs and drawings, provides a well-positioned window on the biblical past. The author is an assistant professor of biblical archeology at Texas A&M University.'--Publishers Weekly.  
Price: 30.00 USD
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