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Literature/Historical Novels

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A Mirror for Witches, Forbes, Esther
1 A Mirror for Witches Forbes, Esther
Paperback. Text clean and unmarked. Average wear. Language: English. 
Price: 6.00 USD
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Becoming Madame Mao, Min, Anchee
2 Becoming Madame Mao Min, Anchee
Like New. 
Paperback. 1st softcover printing 2001 Mariner. Superclean; no marks or creases; only a hint of wear. 337pp. Language: English. 'Historical fiction acquires new luster and credibility in Min's brilliant evocation of the woman who married Mao and fought to succeed him. As she proved in her memoir, Red Azalea, Min is a forceful writer, but her first novel, Katherine, did not prepare us for the highly dramatic, psychologically penetrating and provocative narrative she presents here. A girl called Yunhe is born to a rural concubine in 1919; she renames herself Lan Ping when, in 1934, she runs away to Shanghai with ambitions to be an actress, and later joins the Red Army; and finally, she is dubbed Jiang Ching by the man she marries, Mao Zedong. Madame Mao has become a myth, but Min has the background and the insight to imagine her afresh, and to create a complex psychological portrait of a driven, passionate woman and a period of history in which she would suffer, rise and prosper, and then fall victim to her own insatiable thirst for power.'--Publishers Weekly. 
Price: 8.50 USD
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3 Fall of the Russian Empire James, Donald
Hardcover. Hardcover with dustjacket BOOK CLUB EDITION. Clean text. Edges soiled; jacket chipped and torn. 367pp, endpaper maps. Language: English. NOTE: Cannot ship outside U.S. via Global Priority -- Surface or Airmail only. Keywords: Communism, Communist, Soviet Union. 
Price: 5.00 USD
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Los Alamos: A Novel, Kanon, Joseph
4 Los Alamos: A Novel Kanon, Joseph
Paperback. Mass-market paperback 1998 Dell. Average wear; no marks; lightly creased spine. 544pp. Language: English. 'Near the end of World War II in Los Alamos, a town set in the shimmering New Mexico desert, an international team of scientists led by Robert Oppenheimer gathered together to build the world's most dangerous weapon--the atomic bomb. Author Joseph Kanon has crafted an ingenious and utterly absorbing thriller, a tale of espionage and love set against the most important undercover government project in America's history.'--Ingram. 
Price: 5.00 USD
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Nefertiti: A Novel, Moran, Michelle
5 Nefertiti: A Novel Moran, Michelle
0307381749 / 9780307381743 Paperback. Very Good. 
1st softcover printing, published 2008 by Three Rivers Press. Only light shelfwear to cover. Text clean and unmarked; pages bright; binding tight; spine uncreased. 480 pages; map. Language: English. 'Meticulously researched and richly detailed . . . an engrossing tribute to one of the most powerful and alluring women in history.' -- Boston Globe, quoted on back cover. Keywords: historical fiction, ancient Egypt, Egyptian, queen, ruler, Mutnodjmet, Amunhotep, fictionalized biography. 
Price: 11.00 USD
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Refinements of Love: A Novel About Clover and Henry Adams, Conroy, Sarah Booth
6 Refinements of Love: A Novel About Clover and Henry Adams Conroy, Sarah Booth
Very Good. 
Hardcover. Stated 1st edition hardcover with dustjacket 1993 Pantheon. Light edgewear to jacket. Very clean; no marks; pages bright. 301 pages. Language: English. '...Henry and Clover Adams were a prominent couple in Washington's Gilded Age society, until her death by potassium cyanide poisoning--generally considered a suicide--shocked the nation's elite. Henry's attempts to obliterate his wife's memory by destroying her letters, diaries and photographs, and his total exclusion of her from his famed autobiography, The Education of Henry Adams, only served to intensify the mystery of why one of the most intelligent, accomplished and renowned women of her time (she is often cited as the inspiration for Henry James's Daisy Miller and Portrait of a Lady) chose to end her life. Using the device of a secret journal, Conroy recreates the five weeks prior to Clover's death in December 1885. Through Clover's acutely observant eye we gain descriptions of White House dinners and afternoon tea parties, as well as reflections on the frustrating limits imposed on women in a highly ritualized society....'--Publishers Weekly, 1992. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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7 The Forbidden Mountain Weenolsen, Hebe
Hardcover. Stated 1st edition hardcover with dustjacket. Clean; average wear. Library booksale inkstamp on last blank page. Novel of prehistoric Britain. 300pp. Language: English. 
Price: 11.00 USD
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The Kingmaker's Daughter [The Cousins' War series], Gregory, Philippa
8 The Kingmaker's Daughter [The Cousins' War series] Gregory, Philippa
145162607X / 9781451626070 1st edition. Hardcover. Very Good. Very Good. 
1st Touchstone edition, 1st printing, hardcover with dustjacket, published 2012 by Simon and Schuster. Only light wear to jacket. Very clean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight. 417 pages; Bibliography. Language: English. Keywords: historical, novel, fiction, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, daughters. 
Price: 18.00 USD
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The Stars Compel, Roessner, Michaela
9 The Stars Compel Roessner, Michaela
Very Good. 
Hardcover. Stated 1st edition hardcover with dustjacket 1999 TOR Books. Superclean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight. Light crease to jacket spine. 430pp, Recipes, Cast of Characters. Language: English. NOTE: Cannot ship outside U.S. via Global Priority -- Surface or Airmail only. 'Roessner's sequel to her historical fantasy The Stars Dispose brilliantly recreates Renaissance Italy and brightly imagines the love of young Catherine de' Medici for her distant cousin Ippolito in the face of nefarious attempts by her uncle, Pope Clement VII, to marry her to the younger son of the King of France. As her vastly powerful family's sole legitimate heir, Catherine represents the choicest of political/marital plums. Seen through the eyes of Tommaso Arista, her chef-in-training and protagonist of this succulent period piece, Catherine is also a formidable young sorceress. ... Most satisfying of all of this hearty novel's mingled flavors is the sprezzatura, or easy grace of the loving master, with which Roessner concocts her luscious Italian settings, replete with recipes that even on the page breathe the seductive scents of Tuscany: Bellissima.'--Publishers Weekly, 1999. 
Price: 18.00 USD
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When the Emperor Dies, Smith, Mason McCann
10 When the Emperor Dies Smith, Mason McCann
Hardcover. 1st edition hardcover with dustjacket 1981 Random House. Superclean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight. Jacket CREASED at spine, front flap. Price intact. 393pp. Language: English. Historical novel re Theodore of Ethiopia. NOTE: Cannot ship outside U.S. via Global Priority -- Surface or Airmail only. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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