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Against the Fires of Hell: The Environmental Disaster of the Gulf War , Hawley, T. M.
1 Against the Fires of Hell: The Environmental Disaster of the Gulf War  Hawley, T. M.
0151039690 / 9780151039692 Very Good.  
Hardcover. Stated 1st edition hardcover with dustjacket 1992 Harcourt. Very clean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight. Only light wear. 208pp, Index, Notes, maps. Language: English. Keywords: science, history, reporter, scientists, firefighters, firefighting, Kuwait, Kuwaiti, environment, environmental, ecological, impact, Persian, Gulf War, oil spill, smoke, petroleum, airborne, gases, polluted, pollution, oil-well, fires, burning, military, desert, dust storms, land mines, ordnance, government, health, risks, wildlife, industrial facilities, cleanup, health, crisis, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, diseases, shortage, food, medicine.  
Price: 24.00 USD
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2 Conserving Rain Forests (Conserving Our World)  Banks, Martin
Paperback. 1989 paperback. Clean pages; back cover has INKSTAINS. Average wear. 48pp, Index, Glossary, lots of great color photos, diagrams. For older kids to adults.  
Price: 5.00 USD
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Degrees of Disaster: Prince William Sound: How Nature Reels and Rebounds , Wheelwright, Jeff
3 Degrees of Disaster: Prince William Sound: How Nature Reels and Rebounds  Wheelwright, Jeff
0671702416 / 9780671702410 Very Good.  
Hardcover. 1st edition HARDCOVER with dustjacket 1994 Simon & Schuster. REMAINDER MARK at bottom page edge. Very clean; never read. Light wear to jacket. 348pp, Index, Sources, map. Language: English. From the publisher: 'In this fascinating account of the ecological effects of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill on Prince William Sound, Jeff Wheelwright tells the complex story of a region where natural disturbance is normal. While the spill had toxic short-term effects, the author concludes that cleanup efforts probably perpetrated more damage than the oil did. Left alone the Sound would have repaired itself quickly. Throughout the book Wheelwright illuminates the gap between the scientists' measurements of change and the public's understanding of disaster.' Keywords: Alaska, shoreline, intertidal, zone, hydrocarbon, effects, nature.  
Price: 21.00 USD
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Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit, Gore, Al
4 Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit Gore, Al
0395578213 / 9780395578216 Very Good. 
Hardcover. 11th printing hardcover with dustjacket, published 1992 by Houghton Mifflin, NY. Light wear and rubbing to jacket; price clipped from corner of jacket flap. Very clean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight. 407 pages; Index; Notes; Bibliography. Language: English. 'In a thoughtful, compelling primer, Gore, Democratic senator from Tennessee, attempts to explain environmentalism to a benighted American public that, as he discovered in his 1988 presidential bid, gives environmental issues low or no priority. Unraveling the grave dangers posed by global warming, thinning of the ozone layer, destruction of tropical rain forests, overuse of pesticides, incineration of municipal wastes and other human-made disasters, Gore takes on head-in-the-sand skeptics who try to minimize the severity of these ecological crises. Attacking Bush and Congress for failing to assume a leadership role in environmental problems, he outlines a global Marshall Plan, a cooperative international effort to stabilize world population, create and share environmentally appropriate technologies, educate the public and institute accountability for polluters. The Superfund law that Gore coauthored in 1980 to clean up the nation's hazardous chemical dump sites has been an utter failure, partly due to lax EPA enforcement, he notes. The general proposals Gore sets forth here represent an important, bold step in the right direction.'--Publishers Weekly, 1992. Keywords: climate change, vice president, 1990s. 
Price: 12.00 USD
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High Tech Holocaust, Bellini, James
5 High Tech Holocaust Bellini, James
0871566869 / 9780871566867 Acceptable. 
Paperback. Softcover 2nd printing published 1989 by Sierra Club Books, San Francisco. Fair condition: water STAIN to bottom right corner of entire book; light crease to back cover. Text clean and unmarked; binding tight; spine uncreased. Good reading / research copy. 255 pages; Notes. Language: English. 'From Love Canal to Chernobyl, from Bhopal to Brazil, this thoroughly researched account investigates technologically induced disasters on a global scale, exposes the greed and deception that supports industrial pollution, and tells what must be done to halt our escalating technological suicide.'--from back cover. Keywords: ecology, environment, Eighties, 1980s, '80s. 
Price: 7.00 USD
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Making Peace With the Planet , Commoner, Barry
6 Making Peace With the Planet  Commoner, Barry
0844667013 / 9780844667010 Very Good.  
Hardcover. HARDCOVER w/ dustjacket 1990 1st U.K. edition Gollancz. Text clean/unmarked; pages bright; binding tight. Light soiling to page edge. 208pp, Index, Notes. '[Commoner] argues that our misdirected, costly and ineffectual effort at environmental cleanup proves that controlling pollutants doesn't work--the pollutants must be eliminated from the production process itself, at the point of origin. To this end, he recommends, for starters, solar energy, ethanol fuel for cars, electric-powered autos, a massive recycling campaign, replacement of many petrochemical products by wood, cotton, paper and other ecologically sound materials. Commoner recognizes that a massive redesign of our industrial, energy, transport and agricultural systems is a formidable task. It is also, he insists, the only way to reverse the suicidal assault on the planet waged by capitalist and socialist nations alike. Visionary yet specific, his urgent essay is a blueprint of our possible future and a beacon for the environmental struggles of the '90s.'--Publishers Weekly, 1990.  
Price: 18.00 USD
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Working with Nature: A Practical Guide , Brainerd, John
7 Working with Nature: A Practical Guide  Brainerd, John
019501667X / 9780195016673 Good.  
Hardcover. 1st edition hardcover with dustjacket 1973 Oxford University Press. Noticeable average wear to jacket: edge-crumpling; small chips. Dust-spotting to top page edge. Spine is slightly tilted. Very clean; no marks; pages bright. Great reading / research copy. 517 pages; Index; Bibliography; black-and-white photos and illustrations. Language: English. 'This is an extraordinary book: factual, delightful, inspirational. Anyone with this book and access to a bit of land has entre to a new quality of life... John Brainerd helps and challenges us to be stewards of the earth with the hands of craftsmen and the souls of poets.'--Kenneth W. Hunt, Director of Glen Helen, Antioch College; quoted on jacket flap. Keywords: environment, environmental, conservation, ecosystem, ecology, park, outdoor, dryland, wetland, shore, trail, tree, management, air, water, rock, soil, vegetation, wildlife, Green.  
Price: 12.00 USD
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